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Project - Dos eXecution environment for BeOS / POSIX

The purpose of this project is making a DOS emulator on BeOS. Now my target application, LSI-C for WonderSwan, is running, so this project is currently stalled. For more information, please check here (sorry, this page is currently written in Japanese).

Project - WinBe

This is a project which allow us to execute Win32 applications on BeOS. It's my main work:) More information, here.


At one time, I made contributions to BeZilla. You can check my works with BugZilla. (63640, 65100, 65126, 65131, 65185, 65246, 65425, 65909)


So-called an emulator. It can emulate PC-Engine, NES, GB, and so on. Originally it made by Kappa, older members of UTMC. This emulator was ported a lot of platforms. Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD, PC-FX and PS.
An command line emulator of X68000.
mcdrv was a famous music driver made by CUL. on X680x0 series. This is a port of it. It's contain a FM sound emulator. Current it's only a CUI player. In the future, I want to make CL-AMP Plug-in version of it. Probably it will be able to play MDX data with run68.
PDT Translator(x86)
An UGUU!-ish(?) Translator. But already a few persons made it.
PF1 Translator(x86)
For pictures of games, Pretty SAMY on SEGA Saturn and BATTLE ATHLETHES on Windows. It's ported from Windows SUSIE Plug-in.
ICO Translator(x86)
For icon files of Windows. If you want source code, please contact me:)
ISO9660 driver of BeOS R5 can not treat Japanese(ShiftJIS) filename unless the format is Joliet. So I fixed this problem. This is based on iso9660 of Be,inc.'s sample-code.
NcFTP 3.0.1(x86)
NcFTP, most favorite ftp client on UNIX world, come to BeOS:) It's contain patch files including network wrapper libraries.
w3m 0.1.10(x86)
BeOS version of w3m, text based www browser developed by Akinori ITO. In this version, garbage collecter will work.
TransParlance alpha version(x86)
An application to transmit data between BeOS and WonderWitch.
The latest version of cvs. It contain patches of source code and simple installer. +1 version can avoid from rmdir problem which occur with mozilla's development, and have some mechanism for access control on single user OS like BeOS.
An www server, with which you can use CGI. CGIs written in Perl for Apache will work without any fix. Sample CGI is a native Be application, and serve realtime screenshot:)
TwinVQ Player / CL-Amp Plugin version 0.70(x86)
An simple CUI player and input plugin for CL-Amp of TwinVQ. This is also a experiment to link libraries for Linux to BeOS's executables. In this version memory leak problem is fixed, MIME supported, and deal of ShiftJIS encoding added.
lha 1.14f(x86)
Only a port of lha, a CUI archiver, from UNIX.
Z-MUSIC is a MML based MIDI environment, originally used on X680x0 series. WAIYAGI-SAN developed a portable compatible compiler on UNIX. So I port it. This compiler is based on ZMUSIC Version 2.x series. For more information, plz visit WAIYAGI-SAN's Realization of Z-MUSIC on any platform except X680x0 (with freeware).
The second product for MIDI environment based on Z-MUSIC. This program convert compiled Z-MUSIC file(.ZMD) to standard MIDI file(.MID). This is developed originaly by WAIYAGI-SAN, too.
less-332-iso248(x86 / ppc)
This is a port of less 332 with iso patch 248. Being only a simple port, It does't support UTF-8. But if you use MuTerm, you can view almost japanese text with setting LESSCHARSET=japanese-jis. If you use with japanised groff and japanised man, you can read man pages written in Japanese.
jgroff-1.10-beos(x86 / ppc)
Applying jgroff-0.99 patch to groff-1.10, and I fix to be able to compile on BeOS. In short, this is a japanised roff, and you need it for japanesed man environment. You need to export GROFF_TYPESETTER="nippon".
man-1.5g-ja(x86 / ppc)
With it, finally you can get japanese man environment:)
It's a useful dis assembler for Win32 PE. Original version is made by IKURA-SAN.
A cron for BeOS R5. This is based on cron ported by Richard Burgess for R4.5 or earlier. It contain source files.

And ...

You can download some applications from BeBits, too. My developer's profile is here.


Some libraries written by me. These are designed to match to BeOS APIs.

HTTP Library

This library inherits BPositionIO, so you can access to file via HTTP like a simple I/O access. For more information please read this (sorry, currently japanese document only).

MIDI Library for New Media Kit

This library consist of two class library. One is a class which inherits BMidiLocalConsumer and control BeOS internal software synthe. The other is a class which inherits BMidiLocalProducer and play standard MIDI file. This class can play not only files but also BPositionIO directly. So you can play MIDI files on web directly with my HTTP library. For more information here. (sorry, also japanese document only).


This documents are written in Japanese.

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